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July 26, 2012


Yesterday got away from me. Between interview prep and an interview, having cell phones crash to the point of having to get new ones, filling out paperwork for another potential job and on and on, I didn’t get a chance to run. I decided to essentially push my workouts back a day. Here’s raw data from this morning:

Distance: 9 miles

Time: 1:14:59 (8:20/mile)

You’ll notice that some weeks the workouts go as expected and other weeks not so much. This week has been in the “not so much” category. I’ve got my entire workout plan penciled in my calendar from now until my marathon on October 7th. That being said, the mileage I’ve projected is more aspirational than required. I know that if I’m at or near that projected number, I’ll be in fine shape.

What workouts don’t get cut? I don’t cut my rotation of hills, tempo and Yasso’s. I do one of those workouts each week for a 3-week rotation. With the Ascent coming up, that may get tweaked a little, but those workouts are necessary to train your body to run fast. Also, I don’t cut my long runs. If you’re going to be running up a mountain or doing a marathon for 4-hours, the only way your body gets used to the pounding is to do the pounding. To be clear, I’m not advocating running the mountain in training to be able to run the mountain on race day. I’m also not advocating doing a 26-mile training run prior to running a marathon. If you do 75-85% of the distance required at a comfortable pace, the average person will have no problem closing the gap on race day and likely doing it at a quicker pace. Lastly, pace runs where you are running a certain distance at or near your targeted race pace need to be done. Again, the only way to learn to run fast is to practice running fast. Hal Higdon’s training programs are what I would consider to be the basis of my training. Greg McMillan is another training guru that I use in putting together my training plan. Check those guys out if you want to see what I mean by any of these workouts.

What workouts can get cut? By cut, I mean either not done at all or maybe just shortened. Runs that are considered to be easier runs that may be part of a recovery workout on a day following a hard workout may be cut. For me, following tough weekend runs, Monday’s and Wednesday’s are typically easier days. As such, I fight my anal retentive ways to fit in whatever I can on those days. Tuesday’s are usually a little longer run. This run would rarely be skipped, but may be shortened.

Ideally, workouts don’t get shortened or skipped. If you’re going to run long and run hard, there are no shortcuts. If a scheduled workout isn’t going to work, hopefully, your calendar allows for a little flexibility to make it work. This week has turned out for me to mean that my typical Friday rest day is now going to be a day for doing some Yasso’s. Since Friday is the end of my training week, I will have gotten all core workouts in. I’ve been trying to get a little extra mileage in by doing some easy 3-milers a few times a week in addition to the normally scheduled workout. I may be a little short in that respect, but those are bonus miles anyway.

How do you handle your training schedule getting thrown off?

Tomorrow’s Workout:

6 x 800m (aka Yasso’s)


3 miles



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